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Bimini Basin project in Cape Coral

The goal of the Bimini Basin project is to bring a parking garage, apartments, stores and even a waterfront restaurant to Cape Coral. Now, that goal is one step closer to being complete.The project could mean a rise in tourism. But, the time it will take is causing some to oppose the Bimini Basin project.Bimini Basin is just off Cape Coral Pkwy, near Palm Tree Dr and Sunset Ct. Jeff Wilby lives in Cape Coral and says the planned luxury apartments, even a health care facility, would do some good in that area. “This area is a little depressed. It could use some work,” Wilby said.Mark Minior also supports the project. “Well, we could use a few more restaurants. Hopefully, it can clean up some of the areas around here,” Minior said.He’s looking forward to having more options for leisure activities. “I’m a boater, and it possibly being a Marina, where boats can come and go and tie up and come to bars and restaurants and have some nightlife in the area,” said Minior.Not everyone in Cape Coral is excited about the project, though. But, the project still has a long way to go. There will be at least two public hearings, which could take six months or more. Then, if the plan is approved, it will take about two years to build.Minior says he’s just glad that area is getting some recognition. “There’s a lot of very nice places in Cape Coral. It just seems very undeveloped on this side of town,” he said.The Bimini Basin’s developer says he’s prepared to spend about $80 million on the project. This would make his third development in Cape Coral, following Cape at Savona Point and The Club on Pine Island.